Best of Boston

2003 Best Car Detailing

Allston Car Wash

Heaven knows it’s not easy to be a car around here. Six months of winter spent sloshing around in salty slush, on-street parking under sap-oozing trees; scuffs earned on the mean streets around the Big Dig. That’s where Allston Car Wash comes in. The tough but friendly employees at this Allston institution know how to transform a down-and-out car into a sparkling, good-as-new machine. In a few hours, they’ll buff the exterior to a gleaming new shine and leave the interior cleaner than on the day it rolled out of the factory. A complete detailing costs about $150, but it will protect your car’s finish for about half a year. And after all it endures for you, isn’t your ride worth it?

434 Cambridge St., Allston, 617-254-3200,