Best of Boston

2003 Best Cookie

Flour Bakery + Cafe

Much of this bright and sunny bakery’s success is due to the fact that it was one of the first businesses of its kind to move into the Washington Street corridor—in other words, before the arrival of the Silver Line, other restaurants, high-priced condos, and boutiques. The muffins, cakes, breads, tarts, and sandwiches sold here are delicious, but the cookies are the standouts. If you have to limit yourself to one, make it owner and pastry chef Joanne Chang’s downright dreamy chocolate chip. These oversized, half-inch-thick rounds are baked just long enough to leave a bit of chewy goo in the center, without sacrificing the sugary crunch. But what truly elevates Chang’s chocolate chip cookie are the chips, made from liberal portions of Scharffen Berger chocolate.

1595 Washington St., Boston, 617-267-4300,