Best of Boston

2003 Best Yoga Instructor

Glen Cunningham, Baptiste Power Yoga Institute

In characteristic Baptiste Power Yoga fashion, the temperature during Glen Cunningham’s methodical Vinyasa-style classes is set to a steamy 90 degrees (though the room feels much hotter). But the unique playfulness Cunningham brings to each rigorous session in the Boston studio has students smiling through even the most painful positions. Cunningham’s gentle, yet powerful, presence is supported by three years of study in Anusara yoga, a technique that emphasizes graceful alignment principles and ancient Tantric philosophy. In other words, he knows from the intricacies of body positioning, and can speak to every student’s strengths and differences. It’s a fun and invigorating twist on the Baptiste Power Yoga style that has devotees lining up to stretch and sweat.

139 Columbus Ave., Boston, 617-661-9642,