Best of Boston

2003 Best Seafood Restaurant, Affordable


There are no ocean breezes or views of passing sailboats at Grillfish’s location in the Back Bay. But the fried calamari melts in your mouth without leaving a coating of grease on your fingers, the pan-seared scallops are plump with an appealing crisp on the outside that seals in their juicy flavor, and the grilled fish—from trout to mahi-mahi to catfish—is light, flaky, and cooked to perfection. Who cares if the plates don’t match, the wine list is written on a chalkboard, and the columns in the dining room are meant to look like the masts of lobster boats? A little kitsch is not such a bad thing when the fresh fish is so good.

162 Columbus Ave., Boston, 617-357-1620,