Best of Boston

2008 Best Wine Bar

Bin 26 Enoteca

With a selection that runs from aglianicos through zinfandels and a wine list that reads like a guidebook, Bin 26 is an unknockable choice for novices looking to get their palates wet. Seasoned oenophiles will likewise have no quibbles with the 70-plus wines by the glass and more than 200 by the bottle. The interior—swaths of cork and wallpaper made from wine labels—might have come off too clever by half in the hands of anyone but the design savants of Office dA, who make it feel quirky, warm, and more than a bit European. Indeed, Bin 26 gets it so right that after a few glasses, you may think you’re looking out on a side street in Trastevere, not Beacon Hill.

26 Charles St., Boston, 617-723-5939,