Best of Boston

2009 Best Seafood Restaurant

Neptune Oyster

Though we Bostonians are awash in seafood, there’s shockingly little variety among those serving it to us. There are the clam shacks (Morse Fish Company, No Name), the executive favorites (Legal, Turner, Skipjack’s, et. al), and the amusement parks (Barking Crab, Kingfish Hall). Only two restaurants truly cater to foodies—the South End’s B&G Oysters and the North End’s Neptune Oyster—and we love ’em both. This year Neptune can credit its edge over B&G to a slightly less formal vibe (shared tables, dishtowel napkins) that feels right for the times. That, and the fact that we spent the winter polishing off glorious scallops, ceviche, and cioppino here, and left happy every time.

63 Salem St., Boston, 617-742-3474,