Best of Boston

2009 Best Butcher


Boston has become a bona fide haven for conscientious carnivores, what with Whole Foods boasting displays packed with New England meats and Lionette’s Market touting pork from central Massachusetts and Vermont. Still, only Savenor’s hits it right on the snout, with its reasonable (for the quality) prices and wide selection, which includes grass-fed Vermont beef and lamb for the leave-tiny-footprints contingent, plus generously marbled wagyu and sweet wild boar bacon for the occasional indulgence. Call ahead to its Cambridge flagship or its smaller shop on Beacon Hill, and they’ll prep almost anything you’d want to roast or grill—from a trimmed crown roast to a trussed and ready-to-stuff whole goose.

92 Kirkland St., Cambridge, 617-576-6328,