Best of Boston

2017 Best Wine Program

Branch Line

Blame it on the lazy-Sunday-ness of the bocce, the youthful intensity of the beer program, or the location outside city limits. But we don’t think Branch Line gets enough credit for its eye-popping wine list. Co-owner Andrew Holden and wine director Charlie Gaeta delight in the variegated expressions of French terroir: high-toned wild-cherry elegance, deep limestone litanies, Corsican floral bombs—all of which, turns out, go well with rotisserie chicken. Anyhow, here’s some credit.


Correction, June 26, 11 a.m.: In the July issue of Boston, we misstated the job titles of Holden (co-owner along with Garrett Harker) and Gaeta (wine director). We regret the error.

321 Arsenal St., Watertown, 617-420-1900,