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2015 Best Botox

Julie Cahill-Hollingsworth, Simply Aesthetic Specialties

We've been hustled all over town by flashy doctors and Groupon come-ons, which is why we keep returning to Julie Cahill-Hollingsworth. Without fanfare, we hop [...] read more»
2014 Best Botox

Simply Aesthetic Specialties

It seems like practically everyone—from your tattoo guy to your vet—is wielding needles filled with muscle-paralyzing toxins. But while we may be obsessing over our [...] read more»
2003 Best Botox

Dr. Ramsey Alsarraf, The Newbury Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

The Botox frenzy—you know, the one that has everyone and her mother running off to unwrinkle their brows with Botox injections—belies one important truth: The [...] read more»