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Best Cleaning Service

1994 Best Cleaning Service, Carpets

Embassy Rug & Upholstery Cleaning Company

For downtrodden carpets and tired upholstery, the folks at Embassy will come and literally take that dirt and grime away. Service is prompt and prices [...] read more»
1990 Best Cleaning Service


A clean sweep. read more»
1982 Best Cleaning Service

Lord’s Cleaners

They remove oil-based paint from a silk blouse, and charge but $2. They also deliver. read more»
1981 Best Cleaning Service

Daloz the Cleanser

Custom work; leather too. read more»
1981 Best Cleaning Service

Kate Schnabel and Susan McEachern, Clean Sweep

Who has time to clean these days? Or do the laundry? Clean Sweep does, and for $6.50 to $7.50 an hour (for-hour minimum), it seems [...] read more»