Best of Boston

Best Club, DJ Music

1990 Best Club, Neighbhorhood

Ed Burke’s

Soul, blues, and R&B keep this cozy club cranking in Mission Hill—Boston's most maligned neighborhood. read more»
1989 Best Club, Theme

Boston Beach Club

Well, it's the themiest. Surfing videos, a bar made from surfboards, et cetera. If you can, like, flow with the energy. It also helps to [...] read more»
1989 Best Club, Rock

The Paradise

The big names, night after night. read more»
1989 Best Club, Socially Progressive

Venus de Milo

Integration comes to Boston nightlife about 20 years later. Still, better late than never. read more»
1988 Best Club, New

The Roxy

On the huge dance floor of this elegant new club, the fifties (swing) and eighties (top 40) live in musical harmony. And its patronized by [...] read more»
1988 Best Club, New Theme


This new dance club is a Banana Republic fantasy, complete with palm fronds, wicker settees, and waitresses in khaki hot pants. The music is numbingly [...] read more»
1988 Best Club


Other clubs wow 'em with ambiance: plastic tropics or Beyond Thunderdome desolation. Nightstage relies on the real thing: music. With acts including Wynton Marsalis, Varl [...] read more»
1986 Best Club


<p>The life span of most nightclubs is short, largely because crowd loyalties tend to change about as often as the Republican candidate for governor. Fortunately, [...] read more»
1974 Best Club, Men's, Private

The Tavern Club

The Tavern Club, which is so exclusive it once turned down President Eisenhower's brother. read more»