Best of Boston

Best DJ

2006 Best DJ

DJ Bruno

Sometimes a little 'YMCA' is all it takes to get the party started. Other times, it's enough to send it packing. With two decades of [...] read more»
1989 Best DJ

Dick Pleasants, WGBH

Great taste, smooth pipes, big ears. His "Folk Heritage" show on weekends is like spending the afternoon with an old friend and a great record [...] read more»
1988 Best DJ, Jazz

Eric Jackson, WGBH

Adventurous good taste, a broad appreciation for music, a gift for the great segue, and the most soothing voice on the radio. read more»
1987 Best DJ, Radio

Charles Laquidara, WBCN

You wouldn't know he was pushing 50, would you? read more»
1986 Best DJ

Charles Laquidara, WBCN

His morning show has never been funnier or more biting or more informative. read more»
1985 Best DJ

Elroy, WILD-AM

A terrific morning man who deserves more attention. read more»
1984 Best DJ, Rock

Matt Siegel, WXKS-FM

We particularly liked his Cabbage Patch doll promotion. That was the one, you may recall, that had no dolls. Just cabbages. With adoption papers. read more»
1984 Best DJ, Jazz

James Isaacs, WBUR-FM

Fine sounds, with a voice (and an attitude) like a dry martini. read more»
1984 Best DJ, Classical

Doug Briscoe, WBUR-FM

Crisp, insightful commentary that doesn't take up more airtime than the music. read more»
1983 Best DJ, Radio

Ron Della Chiesa, WGBH

His show, "America's Music," covers a broad spectrum and is always a delight to listen to. read more»
1982 Best DJ, Pop

Mark Parenteau, WBCN-FM

Hey, are you Mahk Arentoe? read more»
1981 Best DJ, Morning

A Toss-Up Between Jess Cain, WHDH, and Norm Nathan, WRKO

Cain's tried and true, and very comforting when you're stuck on the expressway. Nathan's funny, and he's got the best partner, weatherman Jordan Rich. read more»
1981 Best DJ, Pop

Oedipus, WBCN

Smart move, making him program director. read more»
1980 Best DJ, Morning

Robert J. Lurtsema of WGBH-FM

His dulcet tones combined with the bird songs make the perfect morning pick-me-up. read more»
1980 Best DJ, Pop

WBCN’s Oedipus

Not only is he playing the most accessible yet eclectic progressive rock in town, but he's stopped dying his hair orange. read more»