Best of Boston

Best Hot Dog

1989 Best Hot Dog

Boston Speed’s Hot Dogs

A dog is a dog is a dog—until you get to Boston Speed's little trailer. Speed serves up wolfhound-size hot dogs (specially made according to [...] read more»
1985 Best Hot Dog

Karl’s Sausage Kitchen

Available only to take out, however. read more»
1983 Best Hot Dog

The Black Forest

Upscale eat-and-run. read more»
1982 Best Hot Dog

Coffee Cup

Bound to be a controversial choice. Better ask for Bernie when you get there. read more»
1978 Best Hot Dog, Packaged

Jack Savenor’s

The franks Jack imports from the Samuels Company of Philadelphia are all beef, kosher, expertly seasoned, and they won't give you cancer either—no nitrites or [...] read more»
1975 Best Hot Dog

The Underdog

The Underdog, 6 Bow St., Cambridge, is top dog in our book. The franks are meaty and tasty—the stuff of an Oscar Mayer dream. Marty's [...] read more»
1974 Best Hot Dog

H.M. Stevens

It's no secret that hot dogs taste best at baseball games. H. M. Stevens's Fenway offerings are nothing to fast for, but the setting makes [...] read more»