Best of Boston

Best Jazz Band

1998 Best Jazz Band

The Fringe

Led by the thunderous cascade of sound created by drummer Bob Gullotti, the group doesn't play compressed standards or dance tunes but always leaves its [...] read more»
1998 Best Jazz Band, Upstart

The Miracle Orchestra

The Miracle Orchestra is made up of six guys who look like they're in high school; actually, they're in college— Berklee College of Music and [...] read more»
1995 Best Jazz Band, Vocals

Donna Byrne

Rebecca Parris may have to relinquish the throne to ascending jazz queen Byrne, whose interpretations of pre-bebop classic standards are making waves. read more»
1993 Best Jazz Band

The Kenny Hadley Big Band

Can't beat the soloists in this 15-person ensemble, and its arrangements are always interesting. Added attraction: free performances at Paul's Steakhouse in Marshfield every Sunday [...] read more»
1992 Best Jazz Band

Orange Then Blue, a 13-piece ensemble

Drummer George Schuller and reedman Matt Darriau co-founded Orange Then Blue in 1984 and have since been credited with inspiring a boomlet of "small big [...] read more»
1988 Best Jazz Band

Tiger’s Baku

In Japan, a baku is a creature reputed in mythology to eat bad dreams. Here, it is a blend of jazz and fusion that soothes [...] read more»