Best of Boston

Best Mall

1987 Best Mall

Burlington Mall

Burlington is awesome. And once the renovations are finished, it will be wicked awesome. read more»
1986 Best Mall

Copley Place

Don't let the first floor scare you. You can find good buys on the second level. read more»
1985 Best Mall

Copley Place

The promise of last year's opening has come to fruition. read more»
1984 Best Mall

Copley Place

But bring a chair if you plan to sit. read more»
1981 Best Mall

The Restored Historic Business District

This seacoast community, the smallest city in the state, cashed in when there was still federal rehab money to be had. Now it's got an [...] read more»
1980 Best Mall

Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill
Edged out Burlington by the skin of its alligator wallets. read more»
1979 Best Mall

Chestnut Hill Mall

Chestnut Hill
It's the mall with Bloomie's. And all the chichi people who shop there. As close to New York City as we want to get. read more»
1976 Best Mall, Suburban

The Mall at Chestnut Hill

One of the most elegant malls on the East coast. Rated four stars by the Society of Bankrupt Husbands. read more»