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Best Men's Clothing, Ties

1998 Best Men's Clothing, Ties


There is little threat to the tie hegemony that Hermes enjoys; no other store stocks such high-end, well-made, status-symbol neckwear. Some find the patterns staid [...] read more»
1995 Best Men's Clothing, Ties

Anthony Corey’s neckwear

Chestnut Hill
Six of local artist and designer Tony Corey's gorgeous ties recently fetched $1,700 at the Fenway Community Health Center's silent auction. And it's no wonder. [...] read more»
1994 Best Men's Clothing, Ties

Neiman Marcus

Once again we have to give it to Neiman Marcus where the ties come at you in a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and styles. The [...] read more»
1993 Best Men's Clothing, Ties

The Closet

Very gently worn silk ties by Hubert, Boss, Armani, and Abboud in A1 condition, gently priced at less than $25. Rumor has it that many [...] read more»
1992 Best Men's Clothing, Ties

Neiman Marcus

They have all the biggies—Armani, Brioni, Missoni, Miller. Plus, the light is so bright that you can see the tie's true hue. read more»
1989 Best Men's Clothing, Ties

Federico Uomo

Hip Italian designs, reasonably priced. read more»