Best of Boston

Best Picnic Spot

2006 Best Picnic Spot, South

World’s End

Before Hingham's 251-acre World's End peninsula became a stunning spot for picnickers, it was the proposed location for both the United Nations headquarters and a [...] read more»
2003 Best Picnic Spot

The Public Garden

From its inauspicious beginnings as a swampy hinterland more than 150 years ago, this colorful green space at the heart of the city emerged as [...] read more»
2002 Best Picnic Spot

Water Garden, Larz Anderson Park

Visiting this idyllic, sheltered enclave is something like stepping into a Georges Seurat painting. It wouldn't be surprising to see ladies with parasols strolling around [...] read more»
2001 Best Picnic Spot

Castle Island

South Boston
What more could you want in a picnic spot? There's grass for the kids and animals, picnic tables, water surrounding you on all sides and [...] read more»
2000 Best Picnic Spot

Lawn at the Museum of Transportation

A little outdoor lunch in order? Your best bet is the secluded hilltop field next to the Museum of Transportation. This public plot has all [...] read more»
1981 Best Picnic Spot

Season to Taste

Don Balcom and his wife, Ginna, are relative newcomers to the competitive world of gourmet-picnic-making. But their picnic baskets are as good as any we've [...] read more»
1980 Best Picnic Spot


A bit expensive ($10 minimum) but worth it. Two former associated of Rebecca Caras will pack a meal of gingered duck with pear or galantine [...] read more»
1979 Best Picnic Spot

Jane Maxwell’s Room Service

She'll deliver the spread to your door, and it's delicious. Twenty-four dollars buys quiche, Perrier, French bread, sweet butter, broccoli and eggplant in a shallot [...] read more»
1975 Best Picnic Spot

World’s End

Though "No Picnicking" signs are posted, the discreet picnicker should have no problem enjoying this scenic spot. read more»
1974 Best Picnic Spot

Old Granary Burial Grounds

A good downtown location with antique tombstones suitable for rubbing or leaning. read more»