Best of Boston

Best Ribs

1994 Best Ribs

The Original Sports Saloon

"No brag, just fact," is the slogan of this 1993 Massachusetts Grande Barbecue Champion which takes the business of serving succulent ribs quite seriously. The [...] read more»
1990 Best Ribs

Porterhouse Cafe

Get ready for the Rib Wars, folks. The best in a field of new contenders is the Porterhosue Cafe, with its slow-cooked, down-and-dirty pork ribs, [...] read more»
1989 Best Ribs

Jake’s Ribs

Great ribs in cold roast Boston? You bet. Just look for Kenton "Jake" Jacobs in the big orange trailer parked on Talbot Street every Thursday, [...] read more»
1985 Best Ribs

Weylu’s on the Wharf

These are sweet and tender. Boston's just not a city for the barbecued version. read more»
1983 Best Ribs

HooDoo Barbeque

Dark, dingy, sloppy. A great joint. read more»
1983 Best Ribs, Spareribs

Weylu’s Wharf

Dipped in honey, the chef's special. This may well be the best new Chinese restaurant in town. Tell maître d'Billy Tse sent you. read more»
1982 Best Ribs

Hoodoo, the Rathskeller

In the heart of Kenmore Square, a true joint to go to with honky-tonk surroundings. read more»
1981 Best Ribs

Hoodoo, the Rathskeller

Sure, it's a dive. Where else would you find legitimate barbecue? read more»