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2020 Best Shoes

December Thieves

Time and again, this Beacon Hill concept shop delivers on its reputation for stocking the city’s most exciting selection of high-end shoes thanks to founder [...] read more»
2017 Best Shoes

Barneys New York

The fireplace is often burning in the shoe department at Barneys, but the real blaze comes from the passionate fashion minds buying and curating behind [...] read more»
1999 Best Shoes

Saks Fifth Avenue

Whether its flat and functional, high and impractical, slides for poolside posing, or rubber soles for pavement pounding, Saks has the shoe. Brands like Prada, [...] read more»
1999 Best Shoes, Sport

Marathon Sports

This is not your average athletic-shoe store. The staff will study your strut to determine whether your feet pronate or roll outward, and whether you [...] read more»
1997 Best Shoes, Sneakers

Marathon Sports

Thinking about next year's marathon? Here's the place to start your podiatric strategy. One fan writes: "The service I received from the hyper-knowledgeable staff verified [...] read more»
1996 Best Shoes, Store, New

Kenneth Cole

What's not to love? Shoes that are hip, yet comfortable. A designer who's a dish, yet a good daddy. And an ad campaign that will [...] read more»
1995 Best Shoes, New Shop, Funky

Thom Brown

From high-heeled sparkle jellies to earthy crunchy sandals, this shop is the place where feet get happy. Both men's and women's styles. Particularly strong in [...] read more»
1994 Best Shoes, Boots

Mass Army navy Store

From sweats to survival gear, boots to bandanas, duffel bags to denim jackets, harmonicas to inactive hand grenades, this store has just about anything you [...] read more»
1994 Best Shoes, Business

Allen Edmonds

Set the kids and their sneakers aside and Boston is a business town. And while you won't see Shaq in Allen Edmonds, at 36 Newbury [...] read more»
1994 Best Shoes, New Store

Aldo Shoes

This Montreal-based store carries mostly moderately priced European imports. From pumps for women to rugged boots for men, there is something for every foot, but [...] read more»
1988 Best Shoes

The Shoe Horn

Brand names at reasonable prices, and two-for-one sales that are not to be missed. read more»
1984 Best Shoes


An impressive selection of men's shoes at reasonable prices. Nice women's shoes as well. read more»
1983 Best Shoes, Salesman

Jimmy Carter, Florsheim Shoe Shop

Personable and professional all the way. read more»
1980 Best Shoes

El Paso

For cowboy boots. And John Travolta lovers. read more»