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Best Wedding Cakes

2021 Best Wedding Cakes

Lizzie’s Bakery

You may have only recently discovered Lizzie Lin Johnson from her 2020 stint on Food Network’s Girl Scout Cookie Championship, but this self-taught pro has [...] read more»
2019 Best Wedding Cakes

Soul Cake

If you need another excuse to get married, look no further than Soul Cake’s Instagram. A casual scroll reveals masterpiece after masterpiece, thanks to pastry [...] read more»
2018 Best Wedding Cakes

Jenny’s Wedding Cakes

You won’t find any rainbow-hued cakes in Jenny Williamson’s portfolio—and that’s on purpose. The Amesbury baker takes a more refined approach, lending her pared-down aesthetic [...] read more»
2017 Best Wedding Cakes

Mayflour Cake + Confections

"Simple is beautiful and taste is everything." That's baker Jocelyn Pierce's mantra, and it shows in every ethereal, understated confection that comes out of her [...] read more»
2016 Best Wedding Cakes

Cakes to Remember

It’s what’s on the inside and the outside that counts—if not in life, then at least when it comes to wedding cakes. Ellen Bartlett’s confections [...] read more»
2015 Best Wedding Cakes

Konditor Meister

Whether it's duplicating Pinterest printouts or dreaming up a wholly original confection, Konditor Meister (German for "master pastry chef") creates wedding-cake wonders. Its tiered masterpieces [...] read more»
2014 Best Wedding Cakes

Dessert Works

Kristen Repa has seen (and made) a lot of wedding cakes: Before launching her own bakery more than a decade ago, she honed her sweet [...] read more»
2008 Best Wedding Cakes

Cakes to Remember

This model of confection perfection builds tiered masterpieces with blossoms so lifelike, it's not until dessert's been plated that everyone realizes they're edible, too. The [...] read more»
2013 Best Wedding Cakes

Amanda Oakleaf Cakes

Oakleaf and her team turn out traditional tiered wedding cakes with aplomb, but it's her whimsical sculptural confections—featured on TLC's Fabulous Cakes and Food Network's [...] read more»
2012 Best Wedding Cakes

Jenny’s Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is more than just flour, eggs, and sugar — it's an expression of your personal style. And Amesbury baker Jenny Williamson, whose [...] read more»