Three Healthy Meal Delivery Services to Have on Your Radar

These local brands are innovating in a crowded market.

The meal delivery space is a crowded one. By now, there are healthy meal delivery services, pre-cooked meal delivery services, convenience-minded meal delivery services, and even a Tom Brady meal delivery service.

Nonetheless, local companies are still finding ways to innovate and improve the food-to-your-door model. We found three that are making moves.

Nomsly photo by Desiree Currie


Co-founders Andrew Macaulay and Christopher Buck came up with Nomsly when they were chatting about Buck’s struggle to find healthy, convenient food for his children.

“Rather than putting something together for our kids that we really loved giving them, it would be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the third day in a row,” Buck says.

Enter Nomsly, a meal delivery service just for kids. Each weekend, Nomsly delivers five pre-packed, dietitian-approved school lunches straight to parents’ doorsteps.

Macaulay—who struggled with obesity when he was younger, but shed 120 pounds by changing his eating habits—says the lunch boxes are his way of helping both parents and kids.

“I want to give back to kids today, so that they don’t have to go through what I went through,” Macaulay says.

Nomsly offers both standard and vegetarian plans, both delivering five lunches for $35 a week. It serves Eastern Massachusetts and most of New Hampshire. Find more information here.

MamaSezz photo by Grady Smith


When Meg Donahue’s mother went into heart failure just a year after her father succumbed to Alzheimer’s, she decided to take a good, hard look at their nutrition.

Donahue went to Cornell and studied plant-based nutrition. She began feeding her mother, who only had 10 percent heart function, a whole food, plant-based diet. Six years later, her mother is swimming and going to yoga classes—and Donahue wants to help other people achieve similar results.

With the help of Lisa Lorimer, the longtime CEO and president of Vermont Bread Company, Donahue founded New Hampshire-based MamaSezz, a gluten-free, plant-based meal delivery service meant to provide food that heals. Customers can purchase each fully prepared meal à la cart, or select bundles for families, seniors, and more.

“We want to re-normalize eating food that comes from the ground,” Donahue says. “Whatever time I have here, I want to feel good.”

While Donahue admits she’s preaching to the choir when it comes to eating whole foods, she says not many people have the time or knowledge to make meals that are healthy and nutritious. That’s where MamaSezz comes in.

“We want to make it super versatile, so that every family doesn’t have to go through that first [health] hurdle when they’re transitioning to more plants in their diet,” she says.

Bundles, which vary in size, cost $99. MamaSezz delivers to all 50 states. Find more information here.

Chicken or the Eggplant

Chicken or the Eggplant/Photo provided

Chicken or the Eggplant

No matter what you’ve eliminated from your diet—looking at you, Paleo fiends and Whole 30 diehards—this Beverly-based company, founded by sisters Rachel Marks and Allison Strine, will keep you fed.

“Our food has the qualities of being gluten-free and refined-sugar free, dairy-free. But it tastes great. It happens to be those things, but that’s not the thrust of it,” Marks says.

Marks, who used to own a sandwich and catering shop, prepares all of Chicken or the Eggplant’s locally sourced meals in its North Shore headquarters. All customers have to do is pick them up (or pay a little extra for twice-weekly delivery), reheat, and enjoy.

“I don’t like calling myself a chef. We’re not doing anything fancy,” Marks says. “We’re cooking the way people would cook at home if they had the time or inclination.”

Pricing varies, but five family-size meals, which can feed four people, costs around $250 a week. Delivery is available on the North Shore. Find more information here.