Injectables and facial treatments

Though injectables are considerably popular year-round, Dr. Raffi Der Sarkissian says they become even more popular in the summer. This is because summer is the season of weddings… and squinting. “Either to address the sun-related squinting around the eyes or just to get ready for that week at the Cape or that summer wedding,” he says, “smoothing out facial lines is a priority.”

Also a priority during these sunny months is taking proper care of your skin. Der Sarkissian recommends using sunscreen with SPF 25 or higher every day, with reapplication throughout the day. This will help protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, which can lead to quicker aging or skin cancer.

Another way to protect your skin from the sun is to avoid undergoing certain procedures or using certain products. Facial procedures that include deep exfoliation, peels, or certain acids can make the skin overly sensitive to the sun, says Dr. Der Sarkissian, so this time of year may not be the best time to experiment.

However, one procedure that is quite popular in the summer is the HydraFacial, says Doran, whose office is the HydraFacial Luminary Practice in New England. This kind of facial increases circulation to eliminate toxins, cleanses pores, and strengthens and firms the skin. “I think people love HydraFacials in the summer because they exfoliate and hydrate the skin beautifully,” says Doran. Another popular treatment, she says, is Cool Sculpting—also a non-invasive body contouring procedure—because the post-procedure skin will not be overly sensitive to sun exposure.


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