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April 2002 Issue



The Jewel of Newbury may seem like a Back Bay enigma. But the real mystery is why no one knows about this North African gem.

“I'd like the 1998 Guigal cotes du Rhone,” my wine-savvy friend said at the beginning of our first meal at the exotic Back Bay restaurant […]


City Life

A Harvard professor falls off a bridge and it’s ruled an accident. But one question lingers.

Windy up here. Not a place to be late at night. Definitely not a place to stop your car and step outside. Eighteen-wheelers rumble past, […]

The weather stinks. It's overpriced. The people are rude. There's no place to park. Harvard Square has turned into a mall. So why do we live here? Here are 64 reasons.

1. Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. Or ignores you altogether. 2. Patriot's Day. 3. The reflection of Trinity Church on […]

The debate over tenure has been passed by in the rush to build ritzy dorms and fancy field houses. And it's the students who lose out.

Should professors have tenure, that lifetime job security and intellectual freedom available to no one outside of the Supreme Court or — absent flagrant, repeated, […]

From Microsoft to the Catholic Church to the Red Sox, Attorney General Tom Reilly has taken on high-profile adversaries that keep him on the front pages. But it's his little-known personal tragedies that fuel his tenacious defense of victims.

Everybody knows that state politics are really debated on sports radio anyway. This time, sports fans had a real issue to bat around. By threatening […]

A rivalry in which one side always wins isn't much of a rivalry. Let's face it: Unfortunately, the Yankees don't actually suck.

I'm staging an intervention. Remember when the gang from Beverly Hills, 90210 lured Dylan McKay over to the Walsh house, then pounded him over the […]

Think housing prices have dropped in this recession? Think again. But a buyer's market might be just around the corner.

With more than $100,000 in the bank and no deadline looming over them, Siobhan and Peter Kinney started house-hunting full of optimism. High school sweethearts […]

For some people, life begins at 80.

His friends could not have picked a better place to celebrate developer Norman Leventhal's 80th birthday. Post Office Square was once a concrete eyesore, a […]

The fabled Boston-New York rivalry exists in only one place: our own heads. Which raises a deep and enduring question: Why do we insist on doing this to ourselves?

One night this winter I was browsing remainders outside a bookstore in Greenwich Village with a whispery, elegant 30-year-old woman, a Harvard Law School graduate […]

Like the baseball team that plays there, the Fenway gets no respect. Now it's getting a face-lift. Meet the new Fenway: cultural mecca?

Helen Cox and Gloria Platt are sitting in the McDonald's on Boylston Street, a largely unbecoming stretch of road near Fenway Park. This street — […]

The war over affordable housing is being fought on a new battleground — the suburbs.

The abandoned farm on Whitney Street in Sherborn should be on a wall calendar. Oxbows hang rusting in a whitewashed barn, and sunlight glints off […]