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December 2003 Issue


Fox TV's Bill O'Reilly factors in Jesus Christ, disco, war in Iraq, and why he misses Boston.

Before he was making liberals seethe and NASCAR dads cheer on the Fox News yell-fest The O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly cut his teeth as a […]

Two decades ago, Jim Koch and his Boston Beer Company launched a microbrew revolution. Now, amid swirling rumors of the movement’s demise in the face of competition from cleverly marketed mass-produced imports and American truck-stop brews, New Engla

By now, Jim Koch could be forgiven for losing his passion, his ambition, his drive to brew what he will gladly tell you — over […]

Think child abuse happens only in poor neighborhoods? Think again. There's plenty of it going on in Boston's wealthy suburbs — and, as the economy lags, it's getting worse. But those kids appear more likely to be returned home to their fam

If the suburbs have a secret, it's Beth, sitting on some stairs outside the medical lab where she now works, burning through one cigarette after […]

Natalie Martin and Patrick Bujold courted wearing camouflage, fell in love fighting terrorism, and were torn apart — then reunited — by war. A modern romance.

Even now, after a transcontinental romance, two combat tours, and a tragic death, Natalie Martin still remembers exactly what she was wearing the day she […]


Forget the mall. Your local wine shop has the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list.

By divine design I am not the most patient man in the world. My friends and family would agree—especially my mom, who frequently exhorts me […]