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December 2004 Issue



Dining Out: Aujourd'hui

Jerome Legras might be the most interesting import to our culinary shores since Thomas John landed at Mantra as if from another planet. Where John […]

Wine service, like wine itself, is neither always consistent nor always good. Here are a few things you can do about it.

During dinner one night at one of Boston’s most fancy-schmancy (read: French) restaurants, the sommelier poured me a glass of expensive California chardonnay that smelled […]


Open Letter

Dear Mr. President, We, the Massachusetts liberals, would like to congratulate you on your victory last month and to extend to you a celebratory virgin […]

Ten years after the bloody Brookline clinic attacks, one doctor explains why she still performs abortions.

Ten years ago this month, John Salvi sprayed bullets into two Brookline abortion clinics, killing two people and wounding five. Since then, the number of […]

Bank of America signs finally go up this month on former Fleet branches, marking the last chapter in what critics say is a saga of broken promises.

Money has many uses . Among other things, it can buy cooperation. It can buy loyalty. It can buy silence. Early this year, North Carolina-based […]

The postgame riots? Kid stuff. Students here support a $364M criminal economy fueled by drugs and sex.

Wendy began her Christmas break from school in Boston last year knowing she would have to get a job to pay the rent. Like many […]

The Best (and Worst) of Politics, Business, Media, Sports, & the Arts

This has been the greatest year in the history of Boston. The Patriots won the Super Bowl — again — and set a record for […]

The Other Affleck

Ben’s little brother on being a father, finding the right movies, and how not to handle fame.

Skiing fiends know well the bounty of New England's ski terrains — from bumps and black diamonds to bunny trails and pristine glades. With slopes this diverse, resorts this inviting, and sugary powder this fresh, now's the time to rediscover th

Most of us have a favorite mountain that lures us to its slopes winter after winter. We're intimately familiar with the twists and turns of […]

When gays come out of the closet, one person in the room is often more shocked than anyone — their straight husband or wife.

Patricia started to cry before the first words came out of her mouth. It had taken her weeks to build up the courage to share […]

Celebrating the holiday season doesn't have to be high pressure. Curt Carpenter and Natalie van Dijk Carpenter, owners of the South End home furnishings emporium Lekker, join forces with chef pal and neighbor Barbara Lynch to throw together a festive

Some couples like to labor over their holiday dinner — waking at 5 a.m. to dress the goose, constructing elaborate hors d'oeuvres, deglazing sauces by […]

A meal with a party of strangers at Durgin-Park is a study in the art of conversation.

My first visits to Durgin-Park were when I was in college — once with a needy roommate, once with a group of guys curious about […]

When two students from marshfield were arrested in a plot to bomb their school, the lines blurred between reality, fantasy, and utter mayhem.

The small bedroom to the left of the staircase, with its dark green walls and stained gray carpet, is suffocating. It’s the size of a […]