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December 2005 Issue



Dining Out: Beacon Hill Bistro

Beacon Hill Bistro conjures a fantasy of a first-class dining car. But chef Benjamin Knack needs to keep the kitchen on the rails and the […]


Did a bitter power struggle keep life-saving AIDS medicine out of Africa?

It was a distinguished group that gathered one night early last year at Evoo, the hip Somerville restaurant with modern art on the walls and […]

Caught up in the celebrity chef craze, culinary stars like Pino Maffeo are being pushed to one-up each other. But all diners want is a good meal. How food fads are threatening to hijack our restaurants.

When inspiration strikes Pino Maffeo, out come the gadgets. The executive chef of Louis Boston's Restaurant L might use his Eppendorf MiniSpin centrifuge, which spins […]

Spring weather is 18 long weeks away. You could hibernate and wait. or, you can flee the freeze by using our go-to guide to the coolest cities, hottest hideaways, must-see metropolises, and biggest vertical thrills. The choice is yours.

BelizeFly | 1,990 miles | 6 1/2 hours Lush tropical forests. Miles of Caribbean coastline. The longest barrier reef this side of Australia. Belize boasts […]

The Lion in Winter: Full Transcript

This is the full transcript of Boston magazine contributor John Sedgwick's interview with Boston University Chancellor Emeritus John Silber: The Goldin Debacle BOSTON MAGAZINE: Let's […]

The best and worst of Boston: The year in review (And by “best,” we mean superlatively bad, most memorably embarrassing, and easiest to poke fun at. )

He's probably more of a Green Line guy: After the terrorist attacks in London, Governor Mitt Romney rides the T to demonstrate the safety of […]

Sex. Threats. Prozac. A music industry breakup pits lover against lover. And a local record label winds up in the middle.

The sappy ones involve hard work and adversity ; the gritty ones, substance abuse and jail time. It doesn't really matter how your personal story […]

As the charismatic general manager of the Four Seasons, Robin Brown raised the bar on glamour in Boston. With his new project, the Mandarin Oriental, he's cashing in on his reputation–and pushing Boston to the next level of luxury.

It wasn't a conscious audition, the night that Robin Brown landed his first Hollywood role five years ago. In fact, there was little to separate […]

The Art of Civilized Conversation

Any handbook that presumes to teach its reader the basic tenets of conversation will risk coming across as insulting. True enough, there are considerable swaths […]

A lively tale in a turn-of-the-century Boston boarding house.

In this wintry novel about self-discovery and men in tight britches, we meet Charlotte Heath, a vivacious redhead living in 1900 Massachusetts. Betrayed by her […]

Every Book Its Reader

In his fifth book about the history of books and the people who love them, Basbanes shows us the reading lists of famous authors including […]