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June 2009 Issue

Summer Escapes! 2009: The Great(est) Lakes

Testing the waters across New England, we uncover nine beauties worth their salt—or lack thereof.


The Holdout

For Dan Totten, bellicose boss of the biggest labor group, the battle is far from over.

A Masshole in Full

The unlikely tale of how the craziest kid from the neighborhood turned himself into a bona fide folk hero.

Top of Mind: Catherine D’Amato

Greater Boston Food Bank CEO, full-plate advocate, stealth power-broker, Fenway chanteuse, age 53, Brighton.

Drew Gilpin Faust and the Incredible Shrinking Harvard

Suddenly, unthinkably, the World’s Richest University finds itself forced to reconsider what it can afford to be. (Losing $11 billion will do that.) But if its president has a master plan for leading the school out of its financial crisis—other than letting Larry Summers take the blame—she’s keeping it to herself.


Paul Levy, Man on a Missive

To run a better hospital, the Beth Israel boss became a better blogger.

Dispatch: Building a Better Wiener

Kayem Foods has been in the processed-meat business for a century. Now the Chelsea firm—new maker of the Fenway Frank—has hit upon a recipe it thinks can take on the industry’s biggest brands. But will a New England hot dog play in Peoria?

The Argument: The Toll Road Not Taken

A high-tech, planet-friendly, locally made system for collecting turnpike fares is saving states millions. Just not this one. And that tells you everything about Beacon Hill’s true priorities.



Dining Out: Sportello

Barbara Lynch brings her brand of Italian to a stylish lunch counter in Fort Point Channel. (Butter-phobes, beware.)