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October 2004 Issue



With the Central Artery finally gone, Sel de la Terre’s slice of southern France is now accessible to the rest of the city. But is the restaurant ready for the spotlight?

Sel de la Terre debuted before its time—four and a half years ago, just as the Big Dig was bringing daily chaos to its front […]

How malbec, once a French second-class citizen, has become the beloved toast of Argentina.

When French winemakers talk about the concept of terroir, they often say there’s no direct English translation for the term, which encompasses several immutable natural […]


They make movies about painters like Peter Lyons, a Museum of Fine Arts security guard who soared to the brink of celebrity after a decade of lonely toil. Suddenly he had critical acclaim, financial rewards, everything he'd always wanted. Then the sc

The St. Botolph Club, like so much of old-world Boston, has lost most of its influence over the decades, if not its sense of significance. […]

Even as filmmaker Brad Anderson stands perched on the edge of success with his latest genre-bending horror film, The Machinist, he hasn't lost sight of the independent spirit that marked the beginning of his career in Boston.

The two-story punched steel stairway leading up to film director Brad Anderson's loft looks like the set of a low-budget horror movie, with its dim […]

Whether you're buying or selling, these overachievers can give you an edge.

When talent agents from The Apprentice came knocking on Hans Brings's door, he told them, “You're fired.” Well, not in so many words. But having […]

The Celtics are rebuilding top to bottom and reaching out to the public one fan at a time.

Late last summer, during a visit to New York, Celtics managing partner Wyc Grousbeck took his kids to the American Museum of Natural History. There, […]

She went to MIT and Brandeis, married a Brigham and Women's physician, made her home in Boston, cared for her children, and raised money for charities. Aafia Siddiqui was a normal woman living a normal American life. Until the FBI called her a terror

The men were ready. They knew the woman who would be joining them for the week was a high-profile Al Qaeda operative. They'd been told […]

Raising the Bar

Pity the state of the home bar. The vestiges of its romantic past — the silver laid out meticulously on white linen, the dark wood […]

Imagining a John F. Kerry administration.

BOSTON, April 29, 2005 — Was it really only 16 months ago that President John F. Kerry, then a faltering also-ran in the Democratic presidential […]

Unsure if he'll be welcomed back, a soldier returns from Baghdad to Boston and a brother who is against the war.

In April, I looked upon the building that had been my home for the previous 12 months. Any time you leave a place of extended […]

Could someone steal your vote on election day? Let us count the ways.

Lately it seems that virtually everyone I know — Democrats, Republicans, and Naderites alike — is espousing outlandish theories about plots to sway, postpone, or […]

When a Boston auction house put a rare chest on the block for more than $1 million, the stakes were as high as the price tag.

When news broke about the chest-on-chest last fall, it got local antiques dealers buzzing. None expected to buy it, but all of them knew they […]