It Begins

BD_trucks.jpgNot sure if it’s a good thing that Sept. 1 falls on a Saturday, or not, but here they are and there’s nothing any of us can do about it. The first sign was not the moving vans littering Mass. Ave. this morning, but the over-caffeinated girl at the Au Bon Pain where some of us go to get our coffee.

Over-Caffeinated girl, or OC girl as she will now be known, was explaining (loudly) how she had to make sure her gym membership was in place to get in a workout once she moved in, signed up for classes, went shopping, and bought books.

Look, OC Girl, let’s you and I make a pact if you’re going to live here. Keep the bubbly enthusiasm down to a dull roar until at least 10 a.m., OK? That’s one of the many unspoken rules about living in Boston. There are more, many more, but at this point, none seem quite so important.