Spanning the Web

Taking your around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1187963168Rhode Islanders want to kick Massachusetts in the shin: After a contentious battle over resort casinos in the Ocean State last year, gamble-happy Massachusetts may revive the issue in the Ocean State, as three casinos here would severely cut into the revenue of the state’s two slot parlors. [Providence Journal]

And Connecticut is watching us too: And gets the scoop that the Mashpee may bid on all three gambling licenses the state could offer. [Hartford Courant]

We wish our mistakes were tax-deductible: Reports have surfaced that Patriots coach Bill Belichick may be able to deduct his $500,000 NFL fine from his taxes. That’s one hell of a refund he’s going to get this year. [WBZ]

Activist judges are so 2003: Mitt Romney released a new ad today, saying that “. . . [W]e must oppose discrimination and defend traditional marriage: one man, one woman.” The more things change, the more they stay the same. [,]

Why didn’t they just build a casino or three? The Federal Reserve cut the federal funds rate today by a half-point to 4.75 percent. In short, this means the interest rate on your soul-crushing debts goes down. [WBZ]

We told you we’d do it: “I Want Pat Henry To Be My Third Grandma” is now on Facebook. The revolution will not be televised. [Facebook]