NECN’S New Show

Looks like NECN has decided to rearrange its lineup. Beginning Monday, Wired — co-hosted by Leslie Gaydos and BoMag favorite Jim Braude — will be no more. NECN is launching a new show from 4-6 p.m. called News Day Live, which will be anchored by Beth Shelburne and Gaydos. According to the station, Braude will be “a regular contributor” on News Day Live, and he’ll continue to host NewsNight with Jim Braude.

It was probably about time for Wired to die. The show attempted to recreate the format of Braude’s highly-successful WTKK radio show, which he co-hosts with Herald columnist Margery Eagan. Originally, Braude hosted Wired solo before being joined by Gaydos. I liked the dynamic between the two of them — like me, Gaydos was fond of busting Braude’s chops — but that was pretty much the only thing the show had going for it. When most of the hour was spent fielding calls from crazy people or the elderly (or the crazy elderly), it made the show a tough sell.

Which reminds me: What will the octogenarian set do without their pre-dinner, on-air rants? For them, interacting with Braude was a daily appetizer. I’m betting their prunes just won’t taste the same now.