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1190809808Keeping small with the Joneses: The Wellesley Planning Board and some residents want to change the town’s zoning laws to prevent McMansions from cropping up. The new laws would require new houses to be built to the scale of other houses in the neighborhood. [Globe]

Finding the $19 billion for infrastructure maintenance one flawed system at a time: An audit found that the state is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars from transponders that discount the tolls at the Ted Williams and Sumner tunnels for East Boston and other areas. [Herald]

Now we can see Youk’s playoff facial hair in all its glory: Comcast will add TBS to its high-definition lineup before baseball playoffs start next week. It’s good to know that no matter what happens, we’ll at least be able to see it clearly. [Globe]

When the governor’s away, crime will pay: During the last year of Mitt Romney’s governorship, most of which he spent on the campaign trail, crime rose in Massachusetts while it declined or rose less sharply in other areas. Thanks, Mitt. [Herald]