Pats Preview: Week 4

Some NFL analysts study trends. Others study stats. Our man, Gonz, does neither. But that won’t stop him from breaking down each week’s Patriots’ game. His picks are for amusement purposes only, since last year he dropped a small fortune to the world’s worst bookie.

Before I go any further, I want this to be noted for the record: The Patriots are good. Very good. In their first three games, they’ve given the Jets, Chargers and Bills unspeakable beatdowns.

But we’re not yet four weeks into the season, and people are already talking about how the Pats measure up against the ’72 Dolphins. For those without a sense of sporting history, that Miami squad was the last team to go undefeated.

Prepare yourself: Beyond the jump lies hysteria.

So what if it’s been more than three decades since a team ran the table? So what if dynasties like the ‘80’s 49ers and the ‘90’s Cowboys couldn’t pull it off? We’re talking about the P-A-T-S Pats here. And, well, no one can help themselves right now. From national media outlets to local guys who want to riff, everyone is talking about the Pats and their chances of ending the season without a loss.

Even and usually sober senior writer Jeff Chadiha have fallen victim to the madness. This week Chadiha penned a story about the NFL’s most overrated and underrated clubs. Among the underrated? Your New England Patriots.

Uh, Jeff, bubby, they’re 3-0 and they’ve defeated their opponents by incalculable margins. How are they underrated?

I admit it: I looked stupid on this one. I figured the early season absence of strong safety Rodney Harrison and defensive end Richard Seymour would hurt the Patriots’ hopes of a fast start. Now I only can wonder how good they’ll be when they’re at full strength. If Tom Brady continues his torrid pace, he’ll run away with NFL MVP honors. And as for that Moss fellow, he’s still pretty scary.

Yes. At full strength, the Pats would shine so bright, we’d all be forced to avert our eyes.

Meanwhile, there’s the usual abject fawning taking place on various internet message boards. One of my favorite on-going conversations is happening over on Yahoo, where commentators make sure to employ impartial analysis and, more importantly, quality language skills.

Im with Terry! My team is the Patriots. No one will beat us cuz we are the most complete team thare is right now.

Hard. To. Argue. I mean, who am I to question someone who calls himself “Bruschifan4life?”

Now on to the actual game: Uh, who are they playing again? Oh, right, it doesn’t matter.

The Pick: Only a crazy man would stand in the way of destiny.

Pats 107, Bengals -10.