Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1192470365Someone is Boston University’s Funniest Student, but it’s not Damon Davidson: The award-winning performance of Damon Davidson is under scrutiny after some of his material was found to be cribbed from the internet. Come on, BU– the entirety of stand-up comedy is based on unabashed stealing of other’s material. [The Daily Free Press]

Nothing goes together like bathtub gin and football: After the Cowboys-Patriots game, a member of the press asked questions of the Patriots that used oh-so-timely references to the Jitterbug and the Charleston. As always, Bill Belichick just wants to move on. [Scott’s Shots]

Ivy League scabies: Harvard students haven’t had an easy time lately. Not only are college administrators trying stop the flow of free booze at campus events, but now an outbreak of scabies has hit the university. Gross. [Ivy Gate via Bostonist]

Home, baby, home: Ben and Casey Affleck (did you know Ben Is a Genius?) are in town for tonight’s premiere of Gone Baby Gone, Ben’s critically-acclaimed directorial debut. If you need us, we’ll be tossing our cards at the Cambridge-bred hotties. [WBZ]