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1195134064No wonder they wanted an early primary: Two pro-gambling senators want to put a non-binding referendum on the primary ballot that would ask voters if they want three casinos in Massachusetts. It’s unclear if House Speaker Sal DiMasi will let the measure come to the floor of the house before the end of the legislative session on November 21. [Globe]

We want Big Baby in HD at all times: Comcast is apologizing after it ran an ad that claimed Tuesday’s Celtics-Pacers game would be broadcast in hi-def. While the team’s home games will be broadcast in HD, fans will have to tolerate the blurry away games until sometime later in the season. [Herald]

Leave no tree unprotected: 800 residents of the Back Bay filed a petition to designate the Esplanade as a city landmark, which would make building a temporary road while a tunnel on Storrow Drive is rebuilt that much harder. The citizens also point out it’s weird that the area doesn’t already have landmark status. [Globe]

Well, is it working or isn’t it? Attorney General Martha Coakley warned insurance companies that the new “managed competition” car insurance rules are off to a bad start. Insurance Commissioner Nonnie Burns says things are going fine. We’ll see for ourselves when auto insurance companies reveal their rates on Tuesday. [Herald]