Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1196797245John McCain comes first: At least in Massachusetts. Former governor Mitt Romney’s name will appear 6th on the state’s primary ballot. Secretary of State William Galvin says the names are drawn at random, but we like to imagine there were some shenanigans afoot. []

WHDH sends crew to Somerville, gets 2-for-1 on stories: Channel 7 went to Somerville to cover a fire in a manhole and got a bonus clip about a truck that dumped baked goods further up the street. Maybe they could warm the muffins over the underground fire? [WHDH, WHDH again]

Support the troops, just not here: The Massachusetts Highway Department has banned signs or flags on highway overpasses since they pose a safety risk. Maybe the agency can also ban pumpkins to keep bored suburban teenagers from hurling them on passing traffic. [WBZ]

Is it the blue one, or is it the red one? If you’re flying out of Logan today, call to make sure your flight hasn’t been delayed. A technician cut the wrong cable while working, severing the primary means of communication between pilots and the airport tower. []