The Week That Was

1196797245Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (Wait, Mitt Romney’s a Mormon? edition).

Pats beat Ravens: And the desperate conspiracy theories begin.

We’d like to introduce you to our two new pals: Bostonista and Chowder.

It was the biggest speech of Mitt Romney’s career: You can read it here, and sample reaction here.


It was 25 years ago today: Herald reminds Boston that it still exists.

Are they taking odds on who gets a casino? Cause it’s a lot more interesting than the Wisconsin-Marquette game.

Harvard beats Michigan: And we checked in with Tommy Amaker.


A Trump spokesman sets the record straight: Yes, but beans black or refried?

No, really, we’re still here: Michele McPhee bolts the Herald.

A Romney quiz that has nothing to do with religion: See if you can guess when Mitt’s being funny?


It was so beautiful at the beginning: Why the T Alert is like a needy ex-boy friend.

Gonz was wrong; Patrick was right: Stop the presses.


Who is Karim Garcia? That was pretty much the reaction to Steelers safety Anthony Smith’s “guarantee.”

Barack Obama’s bringing out the heavy artillery: And we mean Oprah.


Come on people, shovel those sidewalks: Here’s a handy how-to. You’re welcome.

We’ll admit it, on days like this we still love the Herald: MBTA Seeking Subway Sicko. Brilliant.

Pay no attention to the Creationist in your rear-view mirror: Mike Huckabee, passes Romney in a national poll.

That’s all for this week. We’ll be back on Monday. If you need us, we’ll be enjoying huaraches at Tacos Lupita.