Attention Criminals: is Back

1196876493And not a moment too soon. We didn’t check the site all weekend, hoping that we would come in today and find the site updated. It’s a Christmas miracle. To stop the tremors we’ve experienced during our detox, let’s review one of the crimes that has been posted since the site came back online.

When the headline is “Running into a cop never smart,” you know the BPD is back.

At about 12:13pm, on Sunday, December 2, 2007, officers from Area A-1 (Downtown) were tagging illegally parked motor vehicles along Park Street when one of the officers was struck by a passing motor vehicle. According to the officer, a motor vehicle turning onto Park Street crossed over the double yellow line and struck his left leg. When officers stopped the car, they asked the operator to produce his license. The operator of the motor vehicle then gave officers a suspended driver’s license. When asked about the suspended driver’s license, the suspect stated, “I am going to the registry right now.” Officers arrested Peter Trovato, 26, of Boston and charged him with Operating Without Being Licensed.

After almost a week away, it’s not surprising that the writers were a little rusty. They forgot to answer the most obvious question—how is the cop? Like, was this a little tap on the leg or was this guy driving down Tremont Street at 45 miles an hour? Was the officer hospitalized, or will he just have a bruise?

But all the other elements we love are there. The implied eye-rolling in the headline. The quote from the stupid criminal, who gets points for being in the area of the RMV but made the crucial mistake of forgetting it was a Sunday afternoon and the Registry wasn’t open.

Ahh. We feel so much better now. Don’t ever leave us again,