Tancredo To Romney: Psych!

1194366391Things have been pretty quiet on the Mitt Romney front this week. His lead is waning against Mike Huckabee, but most pundits have shifted their focus away from the Republicans and are instead pondering Barack Obama’s gains and Hillary Clinton’s losses.

But the news isn’t all empty on the other side. At last night’s final Republican debate, Tom Tancredo, exactly the kind of evangelical Bible-thumper Romney so badly wants on his side, psyched him out.

Here’s the delicious roundup from the Globe.

When Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado looked down the lineup of fellow Republican presidential candidates and said he had a question for the governor “because you’re leading the pack now,” former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney straightened up as if readying himself for a punch.

But Tancredo interjected, “no, no no,” and pointed instead at former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, as Romney receded with a locked-jaw smile.

Be cool, Mitt. Be cool.