Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1197921498Do you think there will be a button for the racism excuse? The state hopes to save about $75,000 a year in postage by launching a new website where prospective jurors can respond to a summons or complete a juror questionnaire from the comfort of home. []

Mother Nature 2, Carol Johnson 0: The Boston Public Schools superintendent hasn’t done well deciding whether or not students should be forced to brave the elements. During Thursday’s storm, students were stranded at school due to the heavy snow. Today, 70 school bus drivers called out sick or snowed in, leaving 680 students without a ride to school. [WBZ]

You was doin’ fifty-five in a fifty-four: The revenue-strapped Massachusetts Turnpike Authority is looking for a way to raise some funds, and the agency is looking to collect an addition $600,000 in fines. Be sure to add time to your commute to accommodate your new low speeds. [WCVB]

Freak accidents, Part I: A woman in Lawrence was found dead next to a pile of snow on Sunday. She’d suffered head injuries, and police think she may have been killed by a snowplow. [WBZ]

Freak accidents, Part II: A man who was standing by his car on the Pike yesterday jumped over a railing to avoid a skidding SUV. Unfortunately, the railing was on the edge of a 50 foot bridge and the man died. Expect to see this on an episode of CSI once the writer’s strike is over. []