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1198243754Might be time to get the waterworks going again, Mitt: Mitt Romney’s campaign continues to mince words after questions arose about whether his father actually walked with Martin Luther King Jr. Yesterday, the Romney campaign said he was “speaking figuratively,” but a Romney spokesman cites a book that puts George Romney in a march with King, though the book’s authors say they have no proof. [Herald]

Aren’t you the people who love to waste money on pork? In a slap to Massachusetts, the federal government has withheld $1 billion in matching funds to repair the state’s infrastructure because it doesn’t have enough money to cover its share. Ouch. [Globe]

Forget oil from Venezuela, have this guy teach classes: An 85-year-old landlord in Winchester is accused of setting up a bypass valve that circumvented NStar’s meters and heated his 50-unit apartment building for free for five winters. Stealing is wrong, but that’s pretty ingenious. [Herald]

Either way, it’s the nicest place those kids will ever afford to live: Berklee College of Music has stopped its original plan to build a 35-story dorm after neighbors complained. Instead, the school hopes to build two smaller buildings on land sold by St. Cecilia’s Parish. [Globe]