Clemens Hires P.I.

1198781043The latest news on the Roger Clemens front is that his legal team has hired a private investigator to look into the claims of his former friend, and trainer, Brian McNamee.

No, really.

To review: Clemens has hired an investigator to research his personal fitness guru. A man Clemens spent the better part of the last decade with, and a man Clemens made the Yankees employ throughout the duration of his tenure with the team.

A man who also named Clemens BFF Andy Pettitte in the Mitchell Report, who then sort of/kind of copped to the HGH charges.

McNamee’s attorney, Earl Ward, said McNamee had been thoroughly vetted by federal authorities, who accompanied him during his interviews with Mitchell, and that McNamee had been threatened with prosecution if he lied to Mitchell’s investigators.

“There’s nothing new in Brian’s background that Clemens or his folks don’t know about,” Ward said, according to The Times. “Our response to all this is that Senator Mitchell’s investigation was unbiased and objective. I don’t think you’re going to get the same degree of objectivity from Roger’s camp.”

Ya think? It’s enough to make Suzyn Waldman scream.