It’s Almost Judgment Day for Romney

1198175224Mitt Romney’s big day is almost here. Tomorrow, the former governor puts on his brave face as voters weigh in at the Iowa caucuses. After months of campaigning, scandals, and quips, Romney will see if all his work has paid off.

But we can’t wait until tomorrow to make guesses on how our man Mitt will do. After the jump, we take a look at the polls and try to predict how Romney will fare.

It seems that Romney isn’t feeling very confident. The Globe reports that the candidate has tapped his personal accounts again. Romney and his spokesman won’t say how much money he funneled into the campaign until after the caucuses, but we’d bet the Romney kids didn’t find a whole lot of gifts under the Christmas tree this year.

Romney has good reason to be nervous. Forty-two percent of Iowans planning to attend the caucuses say they still aren’t sure who they’ll vote for. The latest polls are equally useless. The Des Moines Register’s newest numbers have Mike Huckabee leading Romney by six points, while a CNN survey has Romney leading Huckabee by 31 to 28 percent, which amounts to a statistical dead heat.

This one’s too close to call. Get some sleep tonight, Mitt—it’s gonna be an long day.