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1199452407Must have been some divine intervention: A former governor won the Republican Iowa caucuses, but unfortunately for Mitt Romney it wasn’t him. Iowans give Mike Huckabee the Republican victory and Barack Obama gets the first win on the Democratic side. [Herald]

But it’s still not your anthem on the PA: Doing the best he can with a bad situation, Romney trots out the Salt Lake City metaphors, saying of his second place finish “[Y]ou win the silver in one event, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to come back and win the gold in the final event.” [Globe]

That was miserable the first time. Let’s do it again: Judge Gary Nickerson has called back the jury that served in the Christina Worthington murder trial to investigate claims it was racist. Depending on what next week’s testimony reveals, Christopher McCowen could get a new trial. [Herald]

If the drugs weren’t bad enough, now there’s charges of racism: A black firefighter who refuses to quit the committee to look into random drug tests for firefighters has charged bias against the Boston Firefighters Union. The union told the firefighter that if he attends a committee meeting on January 17, he will be expelled. [Globe]