Mitt Romney Gets Glamorous

1199736398We here at Boston Daily HQ are seldom at a loss for words. But as we were poking around the internet this afternoon, we were rendered speechless by an appallingly bad blog entry on Glamour magazine’s website by former governor Mitt Romney.

Yes, really. (Link via Wonkette.)

Romney is the latest blogger in a series for the mag in which presidential candidates are allowed a guest entry on Glamocracy, which says it is dedicated to the presidential elections. It’s like democracy, only more pink so girls can understand it.

While it’s bad enough that Romney’s blog was posted only after his poll numbers took a dive, the worst thing about it is the content. While Barack Obama talks about the generations of women important to his life, and curmudgeonly John McCain waxes nostalgic about his daughter, Romney writes a dry post about health insurance.

My vision for health care reform is premised on these goals. First, every American must have access to quality, affordable health insurance. . . . Second, Americans should have the security of knowing that their health insurance is portable so that when they change jobs or have some other occurrence in their lives, they won’t lose their coverage. . . . Finally, we should find some way to slow the rate of inflation in health care spending.

This is not a PowerPoint, Mitt. It’s an opportunity to talk to women on a somewhat emotional level while underscoring the important parts of your campaign, and you failed miserably. Glamocracy reader rebeccarobertsxm calls you out beautifully.

This is obviously a position paper he already had, posing as a blog. This stands in stark contrast to the other candidates who have blogged for Glamocracy, with real thought and effort. Another missed opportunity in a campaign rife with missed opportunities…