Weekend Redux: What You Missed

Just because you spent all weekend frolicking in the relative warmth doesn’t mean the world stopped moving. We round up the notable stories you missed.

What the puck? It’s the one pun the Herald leaves untouched as it discusses the possibility that the Bruins may attempt at an outdoor hockey game at Fenway Park, much like the Sabers-Penguins game held on New Year’s Day. Fenway Sports Group had been hesitant to suspend off-season renovations to the park, but after the outdoor game two weeks ago got great ratings the group is smelling some money.

You know that really good bowl you smoked this weekend? It may have been courtesy of the Boston Police Department, which is investigating the loss of evidence of almost 1,000 drug cases in the past 16 years.

It was a very special Saturday in New Hampshire as presidential hopefuls from both parties start talking about changes.

Obama, a senator from Illinois, vowed to bring a generational and political change to the White House. Clinton, who represents New York in the Senate, declared she had the experience to bring about change. Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, said he would change the Washington political culture, and McCain, an Arizona senator, said he already has been an agent for change.

We know it worked out for Obama, but take it down a notch.

After his loss in Iowa, Mitt Romney won the coveted Wyoming caucuses. Well-played, governor.

In his bid to help us stick to our New Year’s Resolutions, Mayor Tom Menino wants us to take the stairs to keep fit during the winter months. The obesity epidemic solved!

Here’s some good news/bad news for you. Major crimes fell 4 percent in Boston in 2007, but the homeless population rose for the third straight year.

1199714950 Howie Carr has a dirty secret. It seems the Herald columnist is a fan of Hilary Duff, if the screaming headline “She’s so yesterday” is any indication. It may have been another virtuoso performance from the art department, as it plays on Duff and Clinton’s shared name and the Disney pop-star’s breakup anthem, but we like to think of Howie cuddling under a Duff Stuff comforter at night.

Oh, the column? Just some schadenfreude at the suffering of the Clintons.

After Mitt’s convincing win in Wyoming on Saturday, you’d have thought the former governor would have been in a good mood for a debate. But when John McCain got some zingers off at his expense, Romney proved he can dish it out, but he can’t take it.

[A]fter Romney said he represented change, McCain, delivering the line with a wide grin, said, “We disagree on a lot of issues, but I agree you are the candidate of change.”

“The continued personal remarks are interesting but unnecessary,” Romney responded icily.

McCain could barely deliver the punchline with a straight face. Just give him a smirk and move along, Mitt.

Another weekend, another dose of bad news for the Boston Fire Department. Instead of racism or more union stubbornness, this time it’s allegations of cheating. An anonymous tip has sparked an investigation into whether or not a few firefighters sent answers to the questions on a promotional exam. Things are bad for the city when the SATs have better security than the fire department.

As the Patriots become more awesome, tailgating becomes more awesome. The Globe helpfully provides a diagram of how the team’s dedicated fans organize their mobile feast. Here’s how it works—it’s like planning a meal, only outside. You’re welcome.

While the cities of Boston and Cambridge cling to antiquated technology and keep their fire alarm boxes operational, Dunkin Donuts says goodbye to a piece of its history. The store on the corner of Market Street and North Beacon Street in Brighton is taking down its old-school neon sign. In a city that designated the Citgo sign as a landmark, this is tragic.