Bad Mistakes, He’s Made a Few

1199806154Being the winner of the Iowa caucuses means never having to say you’re sorry, or doing a complete 180 on your campaign platform. Unfortunately for Mitt Romney, he didn’t win Iowa. As he readjusts himself like a batter at the plate on a 3-2 count, Romney reflected on what he’s learned on this wild and crazy trip to either a stunning come-from-behind victory or a nut-crushing defeat.

In an interview with reporters, the still-viable candidate sounds particularly mournful.

After stressing social issues such as his opposition to abortion and gay rights in Iowa, Mitt Romney said yesterday that he is finding his voice in New Hampshire as a champion of lower taxes and change in Washington.

“There’s not a lot of time left and, given an extra couple of weeks, that message could be brought home,” a somewhat rueful Romney told reporters after speaking to employees at Timberland headquarters.

Barack Obama, Mike Huckabee, and to an extent, John McCain, have made this election all about likeability and change, leaving notoriously cool candidates Romney and Hillary Clinton hoping for a rogue meteorite that takes out the young independent voters, and spares the rank-and-file members of their respective parties.

Or, Mitt could sprout a soul between now and Super Tuesday, which doesn’t look too promising either.