Mitt Romney: Not a Cuddler

As we cruise the internet this afternoon, trying to get through these last painful hours before primary results start to filter in, we noticed something. We’ve been talking about Mitt Romney’s cool demeanor all day, but some pictures we’ve seen exhibit the difference between the former governor and his main competition, John McCain.


We noticed it on Saturday’s debate, but McCain isn’t afraid to get touchy-feely. He gets close to the target of his affection, throwing an arm around his friend and whispering in his or her ear. While he looks a little like an evil character from the Harry Potter books, you can tell he’s happy to see this veteran.
Then you have Romney. A careful distance from his enthusiastic supporters, he hesitantly offers a hand. He’s smiling, but the connection is only superficial. Once away from the masses, he probably doused his hands in Purell.

Come on, Mitt. It’s down to the wire. Time to start hugging everyone, probably starting with those Giuliani supporters behind you.