Mitt Romney Gets Some Love

1200084084If we’d been through the week Mitt Romney just had, we’d be crawling into a bar and wouldn’t come out until Tuesday’s primary in Michigan. While he’d tell you that he had an awesome week (how many silver medals did you get on Tuesday?), we’re genuinely happy to say our former governor had some actual good news this morning. Two Michigan newspapers endorsed him for president.

When Romney pulled a silver from the Detroit Free Press (or perhaps didn’t medal at all, since he got a pseudo-anti-endorsement—God, this metaphor is confusing), we were concerned the Michigander wouldn’t get any love from his home state. But The Grand Rapids Press and the The Oakland Press of Pontiac saved him from a complete snub from the Great Lakes State.

Romney then proceeded to spend some of the $5 million his campaign raised in Boston on Wednesday to run a new television ad featuring the glowing quotes from his new favorite newspapers. Come on out into the light, Mitt—you’re not dead yet.