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1200317961Bet that really hurts his feelings: Former governor Mitt Romney isn’t getting a whole lot of financial support from the Massachusetts Republicans that have endorsed him. They probably think the Romney kids’ inheritance will cover it. [Herald]

The beautiful brick vista will remain unspoiled: A study has put an end to Mayor Tom Menino’s hopes that a wind turbine could be built in City Hall Plaza, claiming the winds are too unpredictable and could knock the structure over. Though a topping windmill decapitating commuters would make for a great horror movie. [Globe]

This might be worse than Rachael Ray ads: Dunkin’ Donuts is expanding its sports endorsement deals, which means we may someday see the company’s beloved logo hanging behind Mike Tomlin’s head. [Herald]

Maybe those women can stay with the police. Oh, wait: Domestic violence shelters are being forced to turn women away, in some cases having no option but to send them back to their abusers. Advocates say the lack of funds and an influx of illegal immigrants who aren’t comfortable contacting the police has led to the overcrowding. [Globe]